Does The Surface 3 Have A Successor?
by Frank McPherson Sunday, June 26, 2016

Several articles published this week about Microsoft no longer manufacturing the Surface 3 with plans to end sales by the end of the year.  Personally this feels a little like when Apple stopped selling the Newton MessagePad, in both instances I found the device very useful.

I appear to have a real minority position in my belief that the Surface Pros are too large. I think the 10.1 inch screen of the Surface 3 is a perfect size for writing notes in digital ink. 

Last month I wrote an article describing how I use OneNote on thee Surface 3, noting how for me the Surface Pen is a key accessory. Most likely the failure for more people to appreciate the Surface Pen is at the root of why few view the Surface 3 favorably.  

The Surface 3 will continue to be functional even if Microsoft decides to not replace it with another Surface as long as it continues to run Windows well. Fortunately, several other companies also make lower price 2-in-1 devices to fill the void if Microsoft decides to stop selling a low price, smaller Surface. In fact, it existence of such alternatives might be the best reason for why Microsoft is opting to stop selling one.