This IS The Year
by Frank McPherson Thursday, November 3, 2016

I am in a bit of a fog due to a combination of lack of sleep and disbelief. The Cubs have won the World Series! It really happened. Finally, after year after year after year of "wait until next year," this was the year.

Nearly everyone now knows "Go Cubs Go," which is played at Wrigley Field after a victory and the "W" flag is raised on the scoreboard flag pole. The song was written by Steve Goodman under commission from WGN radio to be their opening music for Cubs telecasts in the '80s. The song is cheerful and easy to sing along, but while it captures the fun of Wrigley after a victory, it doesn't truly capture the essence of being a Cubs fan.

Goodman also penned "A Dying Cubs Fan's Last Request" that to me more accurately captures what it means to be a Cubs fan. Goodman died of cancer at the much too young age of 36, so he did not get to see this moment. I can't help but wish that Steve, and Harry, and Ron, and Jack, who for me were the voices of the Cubs during my life, had the chance to participate in the joy of moment and the entire season of fun.

(Interesting side note, the Cubs have a policy against scattering of remains at Wrigley Field, but apparently it happens.)