New Keyboard and Mouse
by Frank McPherson Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I bought the new Logitech MK850 Performance keyboard and it arrived today. As far as I know, this keyboard and mouse combo is the first designed to work with three different devices, which is why I bought it. 

It works with the included USB dongle and Bluetooth, which allows me to connect it to and switch between my Surface 3, work computer running Windows 10, and my Mintbox running Mint. The dongle is in the Mintbox that remains on my desktop. (I was not successful at getting the keyboard and mouse to work with the Mintbox via Bluetooth.)

While I like the ability to switch between devices, I am not sure that I am sold on the keyboard. The keyboard feels mushy and requires more pressure to press the keys than the Logitech keyboard it will replace. 

My other gripe is that the mouse is obviously designed for right handers and I mouse with my left hand. The extra buttons are placed conveniently by a right hand thumb, and is not really convenient to use with a left hand. 

Logitech also does not provide any real documentation on setting up and using the mouse and keyboard. The two are supposed to work together in a way to add gestures but so far I haven't really been able to figure out how it works.