What's My Next Personal Computer?
by Frank McPherson Friday, May 5, 2017

I've been thinking that my next technology purchase may be the Samsung Chromebook Pro. Basically, I am getting to the point where I should get a new Android tablet, the Nexus 9 is getting pretty old, and I am looking at the Chromebooks that run Android to be tablet replacements.

The Chromebook Pro has a Intel M3 processor that promises to better performance than the Chromebook Plus with its Atom processor. However, Android apps are designed to run on Atom and therefore I wouldn't be surprised in Android apps ran better on the Plus than the Pro. 

I should be able to buy a Chromebook Pro by now, but it still has not shipped. The Verge reports that the problem may be the performance of Android apps running on the M3 processor.

Consequently, I am giving more thought to buying the Chromebook Plus. I also hear rumors that Apple may come out with a 10 inch iPad Pro that supports the Pencil and I find that appealing enough to consider rather than either Chromebooks.