June 19, 2017
by Frank McPherson Monday, June 19, 2017

Happy Monday!

Ed Bott writes about Kiwi, which is a wrapper for Gmail that enables you to use Gmail as a standalone app on Windows or Mac OS X. I wonder if it was created using Electron? I don't have a problem using Gmail/Inbox in a browser, I basically view Chrome as my personal virtual machine. On my work laptop, I open Chrome in a second Windows 10 session and only have tabs open to my main personal apps: Inbox, Little Outliner, River5, Instapaper, and 1999.  

Today is the first day that I using the iPad Pro at work. My biggest issue is working with OneNote. I've made some structural changes to my main OneNote notebook that should be syncing and so far that seems to be taking a long time to complete.

I do like the size of the screen and the amount of information displayed in Outlook on the iPad Pro, but I wish that Microsoft would provide a way to specify a number of days to display like you can with the Windows 10 calendar app.

Rosenthal's comments about the Cubs and Indians pitching problems this year has me thinking that the MLB season is too long. Teams that make it to the World Series are penalized the next year by forcing their pitchers to play too many games. MLB ought to think about whether it is smarter to cut back on some ticket sales for the sake of having a higher chance of repeating success on a yearly basis. In my opinion, the World Series should not be played in November!