June 20, 2017
by Frank McPherson Tuesday, June 20, 2017

What is the best SSH/Telnet app for the iPad? 

How well can I write a blog post from my iPad? This well, I am writing this sentence on the Pro.

There is no way to access the developer's console in Chrome or Safari on iOS, therefore, I cannot switch Little Outliner to my personal server on iOS. 

How much should one pay for an iOS app? OmniOutliner 2 costs $30, which feels expensive unless you start thinking of the iPad as a full time computer. The up side of OmniOutliner is that it supports OPML. 

I don't get The Verge's hang up on the OnePlus 5's price at $479. Sure, it is more expensive than prior models and therefore loses its high specs for low price appeal, but it is still hundreds of dollars cheaper than the Samsung S8 and the Google Pixel. I am thinking this is likely my next smartphone.