My Experiences With iOS 11
by Frank McPherson Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Last night I installed the public beta of iOS 11 on my iPad Pro and I am happy that I did. First off, one of my main beefs with iOS has been addressed, which is the wiggling and running icons that appear when you move items on the home screens. No more frustrating chasing icons, the only icon that moves is the one you want to move!

I also love the new dock, and I've tried the new multitasking features but it is not obvious to me how one closes an overlayed app, it looks like you just swipe it right and it remains forever docked until you overlay a different app. In practice, I mostly use Lastpass in this swip-over, overlay mode.

You can also configure apps to work side-by-side but I have found that certain apps do not work in this way, in particular Google Inbox appears to not allow side-by-side. My first use of this side-by-side is with Outlook and Todoist, with Outlook using about two thirds of the screen.

The argument about whether an iPad Pro running iOS 11 can replace a laptop to me is pointless because it comes down to motivation. People who want to use an iPad Pro as their only computer will find a way to do it, people who are biased against the idea will point out the many ways in which the iPad Pro falls short. The reality, this scenario has always been the case ever since the first iPad was announced and you could make external keyboards work with it. Right now, I think the main question in this argument is, can you live without a mouse and use touch or stylus for precision movement?