July 3, 2017
by Frank McPherson Monday, July 3, 2017

I have the day off today, and I have spent the day doing the two things I enjoy doing the most: reading and writing. First, I finished a book while enjoying the relatively cool morning on the patio. After lunch I headed to one of my favorite coffee shops and did some writing. If I were retired, I imagine this is how I would spend most of my days.

Today is the first day that I have used the iPad Pro to write while away from my home office. My writing workflow using the Pro is coming together. Physically, I will use the Apple Magic keyboard with a Canopy case, while using either Drafts, OmniOutliner, or Ulysses.

After considering whether to buy a keyboard case, I decided against it in favor of the Apple Magic keyboard, which I am using to write this post. I don’t plan to always use a case with the iPad and a small but functional keyboard is just as useful to me, perhaps more so, than a keyboard case that I would be taking off most of the time anyway.

I have a Canopy case on order for the keyboard, and I think it will work well for carrying it around. The keyboard just fits inside my Waterfield Indie bag, so I am a little worried whether it will fit when in the Canopy case, but make do if it does not.

Right now an using a cheap Moko case for the Pro, and the case does hold iPad in a good typing position, but one of the benefits of the Canopy case is that it also acts as a stand so plan to use a sleeve for the iPad once the one I ordered arrives.