Winning, Losing, Or A Third Way
by Frank McPherson Thursday, July 6, 2017

By definition you can't have winners without losers, and we struggle with the idea of equality, which can be another name for justice, within that context.

One point of view of equality in a world focused on winners and losers is equal opportunity to win. In this point of view, everyone in the United States has the equal opportunity to win, but in the end there will always be winners and losers.

Another point of view is to make everyone a winner by striving to eliminate losers. With this point of view everyone gets a "winner's trophy" and that robs a person the opportunity to learn from their loss. In reality, this point of view is still focused on winning, just in this case the claim is made that everyone wins.

In reality both of these points of view are between oneself and the "others." 

A third way is to strive to eliminate the focus on winning altogether and actually treat everyone as equals, which requires seeing everyone as the same as one self. In my opinion, fundamental to this third way is agreement that there are fundamental human rights that apply to everyone. Today we toss around the words "human rights" defined by winning and losing, which is to say the winners are the only ones who define what are the human rights they will tolerate.