Because The Establishment Is Screwed Up
by Frank McPherson Thursday, July 13, 2017

I think people need to come to grips with this paradox: the more "dirt" that comes to light about Trump and his administration, the stronger will be his support. 

Everyone continues to view him and his presidency by the norms of politics, but the main reason why he was elected is because Trump is abnormal. 

In other words, Trump's supporters, mostly people in rural America, but many in urban areas too, see Trump as one of them, and they see the whole establishment, Republicans, Democrats, media, judges, everything as not them and all screwed up. I suspect that even pointing out Trump's violations of the U.S. Constitution doesn't matter because they don't really recognize the Constitution as their's, but rather a tool of the establishment. 

Consequently, why should they care if Trump partnered with Putin to get elected? So Putin dug up dirt about Hillary? Great, it just cemented their beliefs of how much of crook she is. In this case Putin is their friend, he helped their cause. 

Even if Trump doesn't deliver on this campaign promises, he wins because all he has to say to his supporters is that the establishment is preventing him from doing his job. Trump will say, re-elect me and more importantly, throw out ALL of these guys, Republicans and Democrats, who have been working against me. 

The 2018 election is a critical milestone. I bet Trump will be actively campaigning, first because he loves campaigning, but also because he knows he needs supporters in Congress. If he is smart he knows that Ryan and McConnell are just trying to use him, that's been the Republican playbook since Reagan. You don't need your guy in the office, you just need someone aligned to your party. 

Consequently, the real test is whether Trump starts campaigning against Republicans. Once he removes the Republican mask he wears, then his true colors will be exposed and we will start to see the real strength of his base.