Fish or Cut Bait
by Frank McPherson Sunday, July 16, 2017

I need to make a decision. The hosting provider I have been using for some of my sites, CloudAtCost, appears to be melting down. I wouldn’t be surprised if they went out of business.

I didn’t have anything critical running there as I moved my important stuff to Google Cloud Platform, but I was hosting a few servers. One was running Sandstorm and it appears to have been deleted and I doubt it will be recoverable. The other server is running Fargo Publisher.

Fargo is a deprecated tool I was using to write and publish my blogs before I moved to A year ago word came that due to Dropbox closing down the API Fargo uses, Fargo would go dark.

In reality, there are two parts to Fargo, the editor that used Dropbox for its file system and Fargo Publisher that converted content stored in OPML to HTML and then published that content to Amazon S3.

Fargo Publisher is also a web server that serves blogs that it maps to a directory structure on S3. Publisher can continue running and serve pages without the front end making changes. Consequently, if I want to keep what I wrote using Fargo available on the Internet, I need to have Fargo Publisher running and responding to the domains I created to host the content.

Given the uncertainty of CloudAtCost, I need to decide whether to move my instance of Fargo Publisher to another server OR let the content I had written disappear. 

  • Frank, it may be too much work but isn't it true your files all exist as OPML that could be migrated to 1999 or even wordpress.  I'm not creating much now but it's a concern that Dave is a 1-man band (who can be a little unpredictable to put it kindly).  I have a nodestorage/1999 server on AWS which should run forever, but it would be a comfort to have a reliable commercial provider when I tire of noodling with Dave's stuff.  I have no idea where he's headed with "Old School".

    • I have all the source files that I've written, it's really about retaining the HTML published pages of that content that is on S3. The problem with moving those HTML files to another web server may be navigation. If I decide to have the HTML served by something other than Fargo Publisher, I would most likely just move it to another S3 bucket configured as a static web server. However, I've been thinking that Fargo Publisher would just keep working as the web server for my old sites as long as the AWS API doesn't change.