Individualism not Racism
by Frank McPherson Thursday, August 17, 2017

People think racism is confined to people of one race/skin color/ethnicity thinking they are superior than a person of another race/skin color/ethnicity.

But, if you are an educated, white person and you think you are superior to an un-educated white person, you are also a racist.

Actually, racism isn't the right word. The real problem is egoism, or supremacy, or whatever it is that drives one to live their lives as though they are better than anyone else. Consequently, we have a whole bunch of people in this country who will swear up and down they are not racist because, they might have black friends, but think all those liberals are quacks or think all those conservatives are red necks, and are not different than one who is normally identified as racist.

The opposite to egoism is empathy, which is simply the act of taking into consideration someone other than yourself. The conflict between egoism and empathy is lived out by those who complain of political correctness. Political correctness, like anything, can be taken to extreme, but the problem is what you may call politically correct I think is just basic manners and decency. 

The problem is not living in a world where anyone is afraid to offend anyone, the problem is living in a world where people don't care whether or not they offend anyone. 

And by the may just be that this very same issue is at the root of the economic inequality that currently exists. 

So, we have a societal issue that affects all of us, and at its current rate is going get worse. Any real transformation requires acknowledging the problem and leadership towards a different direction. We will not find this leadership in institutions, be they government or church. I believe the person who can leads us is Jesus, which requires us to be open to His Way of love