Nothing There But The Hair
by Frank McPherson Friday, August 18, 2017

All the statements that Trump made during his campaign were just things people wanted to hear. Some will say that Trump has been unsuccessful because nobody has given him a chance. The problem is that Trump really thought he could simply bludgeon ideas in to implementation and is simply not capable of making a convincing case that will change minds.

It easy to say things to an audience of people who like what you came to say, it is much, much harder to convince a skeptical audience that you have a better idea worth trying. You can't simply tell people to trust you, trust is something earned. 

And we as citizens should absolutely not just given in to any politician. We have the obligation to demand that they convince us and to earn our trust, which frankly requires a skill set and the experience that Trump does not have. 

The fact is many of the problems that Trump identified during the election are problems worth addressing, and I agree completely that an outsider's view is something needed in Washington. But, behind all of that there needs to be substance in order to succeed and Trump does not have that substance nor has been capable of surrounding himself with people of substance.

A big ego does not make a great leader. In fact, a big ego is a detriment to leadership. What we have always needed, and need more now than ever, is real leadership.