Trump Business Man <> Trump President
by Frank McPherson Thursday, August 24, 2017

Some people who voted for Trump did so assuming that because he owns a business or is a CEO he would do well as President. The problem is that businesses are not democracies, in them a person can tell people to do something and it gets done. Even more, a person running a private business doesn't even have to answer to a board or shareholders. 

The United States is a representative democracy. While the President has administrative powers in running the government, he cannot pass legislation and without legislation you cannot affect significant change.

Passing legislation usually involves changing people's minds and that requires earning trust and developing relationships, none of which Trump is capable of doing. Consequently, I knew at the election that Trump would not be an effective nor trustworthy President, and that is why I voted for Hillary. 

Unfortunately, the evidence so far supports what I believe to be the case, Trump is not qualified to be president. I know his supporters will blame the media, the Senate, or John McCain, but at some point all those are excuses. Giving speeches that whip up crowds may be good entertainment for some, but are not an effective means for changing people's minds and affecting change.