August 29, 2017
by Frank McPherson Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Google's mega eclipse video is mostly a dark circle with light around the edges, but still, it's cool! is a multi-platform bookmarking app. Before I found RSS bookmarks were the main way that I kept track of web sites, but since RSS I don't use bookmarks as much. Most modern browsers provide a way to sync bookmarks across devices, so I am not sure of the value of a separate bookmarking app. It does remove dependency on a browser. Raindrop also provides an RSS feed for bookmark collections and I have created one for a blogroll collection. I can also share collections, here is my blogroll

I think something interesting is happening with Android Wear, which is that so many watch brands is adopting it. You don't get the impression that Android Wear is doing very well, and yet I see more announcements for new watches. I know from personal experience that version 2 of Android Wear is much better than prior versions, and with it I like my Huawei Watch much more.