September 14, 2017
by Frank McPherson Thursday, September 14, 2017

I wonder whether Apple's support for Qi wireless charging will mean that wireless charging will now be more broadly available?

Something has changed that is allowing my Nexus 6P to go to deep sleep more than prior. I did remove some apps and that might have been the difference. Last night my phone was in deep sleep for 84% of the screen off time, or a total of 7 hours and 2 minutes. In comparison, on August 26 my phone was only in deep sleep for 28% of the screen off time. The 84% is much more in line to what I am expecting. 

I keep watching the streaming TV services for one thing, the ability to watch out of market NFL games. Every other professional sports league provides a reasonable way for one to watch out of market games except for the NFL, which is still tied to the DirectTV albatross. I honestly don't know why the NFL isn't pushing to provide an app to stream live, out of market games. Heck, you can charge me a subscription AND make me watch commercials. 

Regarding Apple Watch, they all look the same to me and I don't really like how they look. Diversity ought to be an advantage for Android Wear. I like the lower price of the Series 1 watch, but does it work with Android?

A consequence of my using the folio case on my Nexus 6P is that I never see the ambient notifications. Today for some reason I left the phone with the cover folded back on my desk and I am noticing the notifications as if for the first time. I like the folio case, but I am clearly missing out on a piece of functionality. Just need to get in the habit of leaving the phone this way while at my desk.

Holy cow, there is some really long form writing here. For example is this essay on who one can and cannot tolerate, which I think highlights just how dualism is so pervasive. I also wonder whether the author would consider how people's resistance to change plays in to our tribalistic tendencies. From where I sit, the desire to not want to change plays big in the climate debate, and today's politics in general.