Sunday, November 26, 2017
by Frank McPherson Sunday, November 26, 2017

As we look ahead toward the second year of the Trump presidency, we need to start asking more why questions. Why will the tax cut improve lives? Why will limitations on immigration make us safer? And, we have to patiently continue to ask until the questions are answered.

I am trying Firefox Quantum across my devices to see whether I will like it better than Chrome. One thing I find appealing is its integrated Reader View that makes it easier to read content on my iPad. I have Safari on my iPad configured to automatically display all pages in Reader mode. So far Google refuses to provide such a mode, which is an example of how their advertising-based revenue model conflicts with users.

If anyone who reads this blog can help me, I would like to figure out how to center the body of this site when it is rendered in portrait orientation on iOS devices. Right now when you load this page in portrait the left side of the middle portion of this page aligns to the FrankNet drop down menu, but when you rotate the device to landscape view the left side shifts left, lining up basically under the "r" of the "Let's Be Frank" at the top of the display.