Memories Of Bermuda
by Frank McPherson Thursday, December 14, 2017

From November 27 thru December 7, 2017, I was in Bermuda for a business trip. Here are what I will remember most from this trip.

Narrow, winding roads. The taxi ride from the airport to hotel was my first introduction to why one cannot rent a car in Bermuda. Not only do the taxi cabs want to retain their business, but the roads require experience driving. Scooters are the predominant mode of transportation. Driving is on the left side of the road, steering wheel on the right.

Beautiful weather. Sunshine was prominent with some clouds in the morning, usually clearing during the day. It was noticeably hot and humid the first couple of days, but the humidity gave way to warm breezes during the rest of my stay. I spent time most evenings sitting on the patio of my hotel room, overlooking the harbor.

Walking. The offices in which I was working was a mile away from the hotel, and we walked there and back and every where else. On Saturday I walked 20,000 steps.

Hills. For some reason I was not expecting as many hills as there are in Bermuda. I should have known given the island was formed by volcanoes.

Expensive. It is easy to spend $20 on lunch and double that or more on dinner. Just about everything is imported, which contributes to the higher prices.

While the reason why I was there was business, I did spend a weekend and got to do some sightseeing. We took a ferry to the Royal Navy Dockyard, and spent about three hours walking around. November/December is “off peak” travel time to Bermuda, so there weren’t as many tourists as one might expect. The Dockyard was not crowded, which made for comfortable walking but probably dampened the energy.

The trip was very satisfying for some obvious and not so obvious reasons, and I hope to be able to go back again some day.