Moving To HTTPS
by Frank McPherson Saturday, February 17, 2018

While I seem to have moved my blogging to a site, I think I still prefer to keep my long form writing on the site that I edit using, which I call Let’s Be Frank.

Let’s Be Frank is hosted as a static web site in a S3 bucket. I created a CNAME that points to the bucket name and it all works well and accessible via HTTP. The problem is that I do not have the site set up with SSL and therefore it is not accessible via HTTPS, and that might become a problem in the near future.

From my POV I ought to be able to simply get a cert for and put the cert in the S3 bucket, enable port 443 in the AWS firewall and be done, but enabling SSL for a S3 bucket doesn’t appear to be that easy.

So, what to do? To be honest, I am annoyed that I have to suss through any of this for a static web site / blog that does NOT need to be protected by HTTPS but Google seems to want to drive everyone down this path.