Tuesday, October 17, 2017
by Frank McPherson Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I am surprised to find that last year I only wrote two posts about the Chicago Cubs playoff run through the World Series. One post was the day after they won the World Series, the other was a few days later.

While the Cubs did win the NL Central this year and have made it to the League Championship Series, they are not playing as good as they did last year. Not getting timely or big hits, not doing the little things, and inconsistent bullpen pitching. Maddon is being out managed by Roberts.

The real problem is that the Cubs are not hitting. Tonight is game three of the series and the first game of the series at Wrigley Field. If they win tonight, they are right in the series with still a chance to win, but if they lose I think ultimately they will not win the series even if they win the game tomorrow night.

So far the Cubs have not had much energy nor excitement in this series and that has to change tonight. Hopefully they follow the Yankees lead who is on the verge of evening the ALCS after losing the first two games in Houston. Can the Cubs be as good as the Yankees?